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Qinghui Fu 傅清慧

Research Assistant


A Bit About Me


Since the recent discovery of the brain lymphatic system, more and more attention has been drawn to understanding the communication between the peripheral immune system and the CNS. I am particularly interested in the role of cytokines produced during peripheral chronic inflammation in modulating brain development, function as well as neurodegenerative diseases. I hope my study will bring new insight into how brain is operating, and could eventually enable novel therapies for AD and Parkinson treatment.


  • 2022.01-present Lin Wu’s Lab, Institute of Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders, SZBL,  Research Assistant

  • 2020.04-2021.08 Shenzhen Weiguang Biological Products Co., LTD, Research technician

  • 2018.07-2019.11 University of Manchester   MSc. Medical Microbiology

  • 2014.09- 2018.06 Shenzhen University     BSc. Pharmacy



  • 2018 Outstanding Graduate of Shenzhen University

  • 2018 The Second prize, The 5th National Competition for undergraduate on innovation Research & Experimental Design in Basic Medical Sciences

  • 2017 The Special prize, The 14th "Challenge Cup" Guangdong College Student Curricular Academic Science and Technology Works Competition



  • Chen D, Fu Q, Lin J, et al. Gene synthesizing, expression and immunogenicity characterization of recombinant translation elongation factor 2 from Dermatophagoides farinae. Mol Med Rep. 2019;20(6):5324–5334.

  • Lin, J., Huang, N., Wang, H., Fu, Q., (2018). Identification of a novel cofilin-related molecule (Der f 31) as an allergen from Dermatophagoides farinae. Immunobiology. 2018;223(2):246-251.

  • Lin, J., Hu, C., Fu, Q., Cathepsin D as a new allergen from Dermatophagoides farina. Int J Clin Exp Med 2018;11(11):11804-11815

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